Links & Recommends

Here are organizations where I have worked, advised and/or studied.  I highly recommend each of them. 

The Shift Network

Global Peace Initiative of Women

Search for Common Ground

The United States Peace Corps

Self Realization Fellowship

Dr. Rick Levy – The Power to Heal It

Florida School of Massage

DePauw University

Rooted in Peace

In addition, as part of the Summer of Peace 2012 we have created a list of resources on how to cultivate peace from the inner to the international levels and across multiple pathways or sectors.  This listing is a thumbnail sketch of the vast array of resources available.

The Culture of Peace Initiative (CPI) is a cooperative local-global Peacebuilding Initiative uniting the strengths of organizations, networks, projects and people to realize a Culture of Peace for the Common Good. The CPI also serves as a vehicle for bringing to light many previously unseen and unheard Peacebuilders working along diverse paths, who are embodying the emerging Culture of Peace within Humanity.  The annual highlight of the Culture of Peace Initiative is the International Day of Peace, which provides an opportunity for individuals, organizations and nations to work together, on a shared date, to create practical acts of Peace with a year- round impact.


Azim Khamisa

The Forgiveness Project

Fetzer Institute


Metta Center for Non-Violence

The Association for Global New Thought

Communicating Peace

The Center for Non-Violent Communication

Metta Programs (Insight Dialogue)

United States Institute of Peace – Peace Media


University for Peace

Rasur Foundation International

National Peace Academy

Children of the Earth

Youth Leadership

Youth-Leader Magazine:

YOUTH LEADERSHIP: an inspirational Action Handbook (English & German): Our introduction to Youth Leadership as a new movement and historic opportunity for creating a sustainable civilisation. With inspirational stories, videos, and great media, methods, action tools and support services for spreading it to schools, civil society, youth clubs, your friends, parents, grannie and president.