Invite Philip

Philip Hellmich is a powerful speaker who has inspired audiences around the world.  He also is an exceptional trainer who can help people navigate the inner and outer aspects of sacred activism and peace.  Philip is available for public speaking and leading workshops

“God and Conflict shows us what it means to be spiritual in the midst of the worldly conflicts — whether on the fiery streets of civil war in West Africa or the searing emotional battles of family members or lovers locked at cross-purposes. Conflict becomes the illuminated path in Hellmich’s hands, vulnerability his trusted companion…this is work worthy of respect.”

— China Galland  Author, Longing for Darkness,Tara and The Black Madonna


Philip offers lectures and/or a half or full day workshop on these general themes:

  • God and Conflict
  • Seeking Peace in a Time of Crisis
  • Spirituality & Conflict: The Crucible of Inner and Outer Peace
  • Conflict is natural; peace is our birthright
  • Inner peace is a global responsibility
  • From personal and global crisis to sacred activism

In order to explore an engagement with Philip, please contact his Outreach Manager Molly Rowan Leach (email) or 208.891.4522