Embrace Conflict as Natural — Peace as our Birthright

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Conflict is a natural part of the human experience and an integral part of a spiritual path.

As described throughout my new book God and Conflict, there are several levels to see how conflict is natural. On a basic level, conflict is a result of differences — opinions, positions, and the myriad forms of human expressions.
On a deeper level, conflict stems from a person’s identification with his/her thoughts, emotions, and body and, as a result, feeling separate from her/his own soul and God. (See Appendix One’s section on The Individual Pursuit of Happiness: Where Inner Meets Outer)

By accepting conflict as natural, we can relax and choose how to approach it in the moment. How we deal with conflict determines if it is destructive or constructive, or something in between. Constructive approaches to conflict can deepen personal relationships and serve as a driving force in helping families, communities, and entire societies evolve over time.

Meanwhile, peace is the very essence of the soul. By going inward and attuning with our soul, we can tap into a sense of peace that can open to a deepening experience of bliss and love and eventually into oneness with God/Universe/Spirit (whatever word works for you). Peace and bliss are our birthright, as they exist in our own souls. They can be experienced as we seek our own divinity. It is not so much a matter of discovering as remembering our soul essence.