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What does it mean to become a Partner and how does this bestseller campaign work?

We are delighted you are interested in becoming a Partner for the November 14th one-day only Bestseller Campaign of God and Conflict

The way this bestseller campaign will work is that a large community of family, friends, and like-minded organizations will promote God and Conflict on the same day – November 14, 2012.  The combined sales on Amazon will raise God and Conflict to a “bestseller” status, at which point Amazon will list it as a bestseller so other people can know about it too! 

Also, we have designed this campaign to promote the work of many people and organizations working on peace, from the inner to the international levels.  This is very aligned with the spirit of God and Conflict and it will be one more way for all of us to promote a Culture of Peace together. 

Here are more details about what it means to become a Partner: 

  • Any individual, organization, company can become a Partner.
  • The focus will be on November 14th, when you and all Partners will send at least one all-encompassing, preferably stand-alone, email blast to your networks, friends, family–as you see fit. You also can do additional sharing on November 14th by posting on Facebook and Twitter.
  • You will receive all materials needed to make it quick and easy to create the emails and posts (basically you will be able to just forward what we send you.)
  • If November 14th does not work for you, we ask that you send e-mails and posts late on November 13th.
  • People receiving your e-mails and Facebook/Twitter postings will be directed to a website that features the book and the ability to purchase at different levels while also receiving free gifts from many incredible people and organizations doing peace and healing work.
  • IN RECIPROCITY, we will highlight you and all our Partners on the main landing page of this site – this way we are a community of people working for peace together.  If you have an organization you would like to be featured, please send a website link.    
  • ADDITIONALLY, if you are inspired to offer a free gift that is aligned with this work, we will consider prominently placing another link and description near where the gift is offered. This gives you and all Partners a wonderful opportunity to receive exposure for your equally important work.
  • If you have any questions, please contact Philip’s Campaign Manager Molly Rowan Leach at

Click here to become a Partner and be sure to fill out the form exactly how you would like to be listed (including a website link if you like):

Thank you!  Together, let’s make God and Conflict a bestseller and help create a Culture of Peace, from the inner to the international levels!

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